Electronics - Enjoy Even and Uniform Lighting by installing LED Cooler tube

Published on June 10, 2019
Published by Chris Jonshon
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Along with the healthier and fresh food items, you need proper display lights as well so that you can turn customer’s eyes towards the products that are kept inside the coolers and freezers. No matter how cheap the fluorescent tubes are, they still cannot beat the non-comparable LED Cooler tube that come in wide variety of shapes and sizes to give you more satisfactory lighting results.

According to the size of the unit where you want to install the LED cooler tube, you can choose from different size variations of LED cooler tubes and one among them are the 5ft LED cooler tubes that will allow you to enjoy excellent lighting results at the most reduced rates.

Advantages of using 5ft LED cooler tube are as follows:

• The 5ft LED cooler tube are designed to sustain below zero degree temperature as well without worrying about the glass Breakage either.
• The color temperature of these cooler tubes is 5000K that provide neutral white-daywhite light color glow making the items look fresher.
• These 32w clear 5ft LED cooler tubes have amazing heat dissipation that dissipates the heat that is generated while running of these tubes.
• Comes with a wider beam angle of greater than 180 degree that is useful in illuminating the food merchandize kept at the extreme corners as well.
• Replace this 32w LED cooler tube that produces 4200 lumens with 80w equivalent fluorescent tube to save at least 75% energy.
• Get 5 years of hassle-free warranty from the manufacturer’s end on purchasing these cooler tubes.

So install eco-smart LED cooler tube that provides flicker free lighting results without any kind buzzing unlike experienced in case using the fluorescent tubes that make the environment more disturbed.


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