1.20 US$ Install Eco-friendly LED Bulbs and Enjoy More! Albany

Published date: July 19, 2019
  • Location: 8889726211, Albany, New York, United States

In the LED lighting market industry, there are different types of LED bulbs available in the market that have different sizes and designs attached to them and one among them is PAR20 LED bulbs that are the best form of lighting that can be used at the commercial or residential places.

Below are some of the benefits of using these LED bulbs:

• This LED bulb uses just 8w of electricity to produce 500 lumens, and by installing these bulbs at your place, you can make almost 90% of the energy savings. So say goodbye to all those existing outdated technology lights that are more costly than these LEDs.

• These PAR30 bulbs are fully compatible with all the standard size dimmers which range from 0-10 volts, you can set the range as per the mood and requirement.

• Also the color temperature is 3000k, thus making the surroundings cooler and pleasant that can enhance your mood as well. It comes with a wider beam angle of 40 degrees to cover a large portion of the space.

• Once installed you can use these LED bulbs for at least 15,000 without making the environment heated, also these bulbs are much better than the normal conventional light bulbs who make the environment more warmer.

Get 5 years of warranty from the manufacture’s side on buying these bulbs.
So replace those existing halogen or other bulbs with these LED bulbs that are designed to make the environment more pleasant and bright full at the minimum possible cost.